Happy Holidays!

Happy Belated merry Christmas! Better be late than to never greet you guys, I had a good time that I wasn’t able to update again(as always T_T) I would say that my Christmas this year was an enjoyable one even though I didn’t really went out of town or anywhere far, I just spent my time here at home and attended some minor party(and most were done at home too!).

It didn’t seem as fun as spending sometime traveling but it’s certainly relaxing. Also, I was able to shop for gifts to give and I really had a hard time looking for decent gifts but somehow I was able to yey!

This site is starting to look more like a diary now, it’s been a while since I featured some review so before the year ends, I’m planning to buy something cool for myself(since I haven’t bought myself a gift yet) and have it reviewed here.

Merry Christmas! may we all have an enjoyable time wandering through this holiday season!


Manny Pacquiao did it again!

Just watched the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight and yeah! that was another awesome fight!

Initially, I was somehow worried about Pacman’s disadvantage over Margarito in terms of reach, size and power(Margarito is said to be the largest opponent Pacquiao has ever faced) not to mention his very busy schedule with so many stuffs like politics and some public appearances, I thought he wasn’t focusing enough with his training.

But all those doubts were proven wrong! I forgot that pacman has the advantage of speed that the bigger Margarito cannot match.

So when the first round started, it became obvious that Pacquiao’s speed is going to be a big problem for Margarito. Pacquiao was able to throw a lot of punches and most of them landed successfully, resulting to Margarito’s face to become swollen thus putting him in another serious disadvantage.

But still, I’m also impressed by the strength and toughness of Margarito. Pacquiao received only a few punches but those few punches certainly did hurt him and if it wasn’t for his great speed, pacman could have tasted more of those strong punches and probably lose. Also, Margarito was tough that he wasn’t knocked out even after sustaining heavy damage.

Overall, the match was awesome! and I’m sure lots of boxing fans enjoyed watching it!

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!!:D you really are a living boxing legend, hope to see you punishing Mayweather! LOL!

Holiday is getting close!

It’s October now! Whoah You now what’s next after October? it’s November! then after November?… Yup! It’s the much awaited month of December! Hoorraay! the holiday is getting closer and closer, so right now I’m planning for the holidays.

Planning includes shopping list, activity lists and possibly some vacation. I’m really looking forward to a happy holiday season!

Advanced Happy Holidays!

No Holiday on P.Noy’s SONA


His Excellency, Homer Simp...Uhmmm Noynoy Aquino

Yup, it’s confirmed, there will be no holiday on July 26, 2010, monday(Philippine time) which is Noynoy’s(newly elected president of the Philippines) first ever SONA(State of the nation address).

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch it live since I’ll be spending another quality time in the office(LOL!) thanks to Noynoy’s habit of contradicting everything GMA(former president) did during her time(including declaring her SONA a holiday so that majority can watch her) whether it’s beneficial or not, Noynoy will not support or follow it.

Yep! you heard it right! No holiday on my SONA harharhar!

Anyway, enough with the bitterness. According to P.Noynoy, he will deliver a “straightforward” SONA that will address the Philippines’ current status and his administration’s plan for the coming years. I’m not sure if I understand it LOL! but hopefully, he would come up with something beneficial to our country’s progress. But of course, we citizens must do our best to contribute in the improvement efforts the government is trying to implement.

3 Years of Wandering

This simple blogsite has just reached it’s third year! Unfortunately, my updates are getting fewer and fewer as time goes(Due to facebook’s growing features which is pretty convenient).

But I’m not letting this site fall into ruins, I will gather my strength to continue updating(hopefully, LOL!).

To those who wandered here, thank you! may we all have a worthwhile journey.

Wandering continues..

Happy Easter!

Today is the last day of the holy week vacation that started last Maundy Thursday, and I really took advantage of the opportunity to relax my mind(hopefully, I did enough) though I still feel not ready to return to work LOL!

This holy week break is an event observed by Catholics to reflect and hopefully come up with a new and better resolve in their lives, so it’s more like a religious activity(I won’t go deeper into the details because this blogsite is not mainly for religious stuffs). I just hope everyone is ready with a new improved version of themselves!

Once again, happy easter everyone!

Happy new year!

Yeah! 2009 is officially part of the past now, it was such an action packed year. If we will recall, 2009 started with the explosion of the world financial crisis resulting to global unemployment problems, a surprising new black American US president Barack Obama which was considered before as almost impossible then a series of deaths from internationally known people like Michael Jackson as well as locally known people like Cory Aquino, Manny Pacquiao became more known in 2009 for defeating Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto.

2010 is the year of the tiger, and I just hope that it will get better than 2009 or than any previous year ever! Happy new year!