Voyager Luggage Initial Review

After years of absence, I’m back to write here again so hi again.

I’ll be wandering in a far away land soon so part of the planning is getting a luggage to contain my stuff.

I wanted a 24″ hard case luggage(20-25 kg. capacity) with no external pockets.

Being short on budget, I had to resort to those cheap not so famous brands. I went to SM and browsed the items on sale. Some brands I can recall under my budget are urban, british knight, voyager, racini, etc.

All of those brand seems similar, just a slight difference in looks and design. So I thought choosing any one shouldn’t really be an issue.

I bought the voyager one mainly because they offer to repair the product free labor for lifetime should it gets damaged. This cost me 2,700 Pesos.

For clarification, this voyager brand is the local Philippine brand, There is another voyager luggage brand that is from New Zealand so don’t be confused.



My new voyager luggage

Design wise, the luggage looks good for me. Inside, it has some nice compartments/dividers/pockets. The salesman told me the body is made of poly carbonate, for demonstration, he stood on it but didn’t break, it went back to original form after. It features aluminum extending handle, 360 degrees wheel and combination TSA lock.

My initial Impression

Upon inspection, the luggage feels lighter than it looks, plastic parts feel cheap. Handles and wheels seem it would break easily.

Another concern for me is the zipper, it is thin layer only and looks like it is only being held to the body by a weak looking stitch:


weak zipper construction

I hope those cons are just my speculations. I will be monitoring this luggage during and after my trip and will post the status.


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