No Holiday on P.Noy’s SONA


His Excellency, Homer Simp...Uhmmm Noynoy Aquino

Yup, it’s confirmed, there will be no holiday on July 26, 2010, monday(Philippine time) which is Noynoy’s(newly elected president of the Philippines) first ever SONA(State of the nation address).

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch it live since I’ll be spending another quality time in the office(LOL!) thanks to Noynoy’s habit of contradicting everything GMA(former president) did during her time(including declaring her SONA a holiday so that majority can watch her) whether it’s beneficial or not, Noynoy will not support or follow it.

Yep! you heard it right! No holiday on my SONA harharhar!

Anyway, enough with the bitterness. According to P.Noynoy, he will deliver a “straightforward” SONA that will address the Philippines’ current status and his administration’s plan for the coming years. I’m not sure if I understand it LOL! but hopefully, he would come up with something beneficial to our country’s progress. But of course, we citizens must do our best to contribute in the improvement efforts the government is trying to implement.


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