The Child’s Christmas

There is a Christmas saying here in the Philippines that Christmas is for children or at least it is enjoyed most by children and I couldn’t agree more.

Since I already experience being a child, I now know how Christmas is like when I was a kid and probably the same with most children.

Christmas feels kinda magical for me when I was a kid, I can’t explain it properly but yeah! I remember the feeling of excitement that Christmas seems to give. During Christmas, the horror of nightmare thought about dark nights temporarily disappears and becomes a dream experience thanks to attractive and fascinating Christmas lights that turned every home and ways into a wonderland, The child’s fear of vampires, ghosts and other scary creatures that is commonly known to appear during night is removed and is replaced by the story of Santa Claus flying in the night skies along with rain deers carrying gifts for the good kids.

Christmas day is another day for me to remember back then because I remember everyone is giving me gifts and everyone seems to be so happy and I get to see most of my cousins and relatives even those from far away places plus I get to eat lots of ice cream and that also adds to the happiness LOL!.

Child’s Christmas is truly, a very enjoyable Christmas and something of a way that we will never gonna be able to celebrate again.


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