A look at yamato’s Super and Strike parts for VF-1 1/60 scale

I thought I wouldn’t say this but I underestimated the awesomeness of the additional yamato super and strike parts for VF-1(DYRL? version) that can be purchased together with the 1/60 scale VF-1S/A(DYRL? version) which is slightly cheaper than buying it separately but at least has its own box.

box super

Super and strike parts box


The front box cover can also be lifted to see content

I actually bought this last month(so this isn’t my Christmas gift for myself LOL!) after realizing that my VF-1S DYRL? Hikaru Ichijo version was always shown in the movie as the strike VF-1S valkyrie(with the super and strike parts), I decided to get this one so that my VF-1S can become more anime accurate.

About the fictional super and strike parts

The super and strike part is the upgrade to the VF-1 valkyrie, it consists of 2 fast packs mounted on top of the valkyrie fighter plus some small thrusters attachment to the leg and additional missile attachment to the arm thus improving the VF-1’s overall combat and handling ability.

There are 2 variants, the super valkyrie and the strike valkyrie. The major difference is that the strike valkyrie has the strike double cannon fast pack on the right and the normal micro missile fast pack on the left while the super valkyrie only has both micro missile fast pack.


The strike cannon and the normal micro missile fast pack

In the movie DYRL?(Do you remember love?), the strike valkyrie attachment was only shown with the VF-1S which is only piloted by squadron leaders. Also, the super and strike valkyrie was only shown during space flight and was never seen in atmospheric flight suggesting that it’s only for space use.

For more detailed fictional specs, click here.

The VF-1S strike valkyrie as seen in the movie

The youtube video below is the final battle scene and also the scene where Hikaru is seen piloting his VF-1S strike valkyrie. This video also features Lyn Mynmay singing the lost protoculture song “Do you remember love?” which played an important role in convincing the zentran commander Britai to defect to the human side and fight along with the SDF-1 macross against zentradi supreme commander Boddole who wanted to destroy the entire human race together with it’s culture,  Britai realized the importance of culture through the song.

About the package

The box includes the left and right fast pack, 1 strike cannon attachment, 2 micro missile attachment, leg and arm attachments and 4 sets of RMS-1 reaction missiles plus a decal sheet for customizing your valkyrie and instruction manual in Japanese.


The RMS-1 reaction missile


The manual and decal sheet

Now, lets take a closer look

The super and strike parts securely fits to the VF-1S, everything just snaps easily and can also be removed easily except the arm attachment which is a little difficult to remove but once you get used to it, it won’t be a problem anymore.


The thrusters can be rotated

The 2 main fast pack thrusters can be rotated for some turning display action, great for dioramas. The parts feature great details and can be improved by putting the decals for some more customized details(the decals has color schemes for Hikaru, Max, Roy and Kakizaki) but unfortunately, I’m too bad with applying decals(I messed up a lot of my model kits because of decals and paint) so as of now, I still haven’t placed my decals yet but it still looks good without it anyway.


Engine details can be seen

The coolest feature is that you can remove the case of the fast packs and the leg attachment to reveal the internal engine details.

Fighter mode

Still, my favorite mode. With the super/strike parts, the valkyrie looked something more like a space shuttle LOL! The RMS-1 reaction missiles looked great with the super/strike parts.

I covered the air intake fan to make it look more like space ship

Don't mind the white thread

very space like

for maintenance

side view


semi rear

Gerwalk mode

Still, my least favorite but doesn’t necessarily mean bad. The gerwalk mode is still worthy of displaying.


gerwalk w/o missile

w/ missile

Battroid mode

With the upgrade parts, battroid mode has become more battle ready looking. Even with the added weight on the back, the battroid can still stand up without falling backwards.


the strike cannon can be pointed forward in battroid mode

Final thought

Definitely a great addition to your VF-1 collection specially those DYRL? versions. If you’re a macross/VF-1 fan, you better get one of this along with the VF-1 of course, I know you’ll like it like most macross collectors say.

like all yamato macross 1/60 scale figures, this is pretty expensive in fact, with the same price of this super and strike parts only, you can already get a good quality decent transformer toy so serious macross fan are mostly probably getting this into their collection. But as a macross collectible, I say this is really worth buying.


Maligayang Pasko!

“Maligayang Pasko” is a Filipino greeting for Merry Christmas so I just wanna greet all you guys a happy and merry Christmas(I know it’s impossible for everyone in the world to be happy this Christmas but still let me greet anyway). Lets just keep on hoping and doing our best for the better!

For the meantime, let’s just enjoy, relax and spend some time with family and friends(for those unlucky ones who are still working now, just enjoy the double pay LOL!).

Once again, merry Christmas!

-The Wanderer

The Child’s Christmas

There is a Christmas saying here in the Philippines that Christmas is for children or at least it is enjoyed most by children and I couldn’t agree more.

Since I already experience being a child, I now know how Christmas is like when I was a kid and probably the same with most children.

Christmas feels kinda magical for me when I was a kid, I can’t explain it properly but yeah! I remember the feeling of excitement that Christmas seems to give. During Christmas, the horror of nightmare thought about dark nights temporarily disappears and becomes a dream experience thanks to attractive and fascinating Christmas lights that turned every home and ways into a wonderland, The child’s fear of vampires, ghosts and other scary creatures that is commonly known to appear during night is removed and is replaced by the story of Santa Claus flying in the night skies along with rain deers carrying gifts for the good kids.

Christmas day is another day for me to remember back then because I remember everyone is giving me gifts and everyone seems to be so happy and I get to see most of my cousins and relatives even those from far away places plus I get to eat lots of ice cream and that also adds to the happiness LOL!.

Child’s Christmas is truly, a very enjoyable Christmas and something of a way that we will never gonna be able to celebrate again.

It’s Suddenly Christmas!

Yay! it’s December now and it’s now only less than 2 weeks before the much awaited Christmas then new year follows, wow! time seems to be moving fast.

Let’s all look forward to a happier, peaceful and more complete holidays.

Wishing all you guys a greater Christmas season,

-The Wanderer™