Still thankful that my weekend was wasted

What is supposed to be a good and comfortable weekend turned out to be a total waste and inconvenience for me when the tropical storm “ondoy” directly hit our place.

2 days ago(Saturday, September 26, 2009), I woke up past 10am and the rain is really pouring heavy outside. I went down the stairs and my sleepiness disappeared after seeing the rain water is already entering our house, so I quickly brought to the 2nd floor anything that needs to get lifted away from the incoming flood.

A few hours later, flood water in our 1st floor is already around 4 inches deep and even deeper outside, going out is impossible unless you want to get wet. I felt disappointed because I was really looking forward to my kendo training that day and I knew I could no longer do that. Then around 3pm, the power supply in our neighborhood was ceased and that means no computer and no TV for me to enjoy, I even forgot to recharge my mobile phone and my PSP since I wasn’t really expecting any power interruptions and floods. The rain showed no signs of weakening, the rain kept pouring until the flood got deeper and deeper that it became the deepest flood I can remember that happened in our place.

The next morning, the rain stopped and the flood water slowly disappeared. So we spent most of the time cleaning the floor and returning the things we took upstairs.

My whole weekend was totally wasted and I was really mad because of that, it was like I spent the whole weekend inside our house with no electricity. Around afternoon, the power went back and we all watched TV to know what exactly happened. To my surprise, it was a really powerful storm and I saw some place that was really damaged by the flood. Death reports are high and many people lost their houses and livelihood. That’s when I realize that compared to those unfortunate ones, I can still consider myself lucky since I didn’t really lost anything big so I guess I should still be thankful for that.


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