Rapido: My Transformer Toy

Back in the 90’s when I was just a little kid, I always loved toys in a different way compared to now, Today I try to collect toys for collecting purposes. But before, as a kid I only collect toys to play with them and I never cared for their welfare. I never handled them delicately, I usually throw them, sink them in the water and hit them against another toy depending on my playing story.

So only the toughest kind of my toys were able to survive and one of them is my transformer toy called rapido from hasbro.

Honestly, I never knew any detail about this toy, I only asked my mom to buy it for me after seeing it in the toy store( something a kid would normally do). All I can remember is that it has a “transformers: generation 2” label in the package.

I only learned the details about it after a thorough research and fortunately I was able to find details about it including a picture with it’s packaging.

some pictures I took with my old transformer toy(click for larger image):




In car mode, the toy looks good. It features rolling wheels so it can be pushed to move(although it doesn’t run as good as a matchbox/hot wheels), it has a silver engine located at the back that can be converted into a weapon when in robot mode.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do well in robot mode. The only movable part is the hand that holds the weapon(and it can only be moved slightly). After transforming, all it can do is stand so it’s no longer fun playing with it.