Dragon Ball Kai

As a kid, I remember dragonball as my first favorite anime, I grew up watching it and so far I have watched the whole series from dragonball to dragonball GT plus some special episodes/movies.

I know most dragonball anime fans were really, really disappointed with the recent release of the movie “dragonball evolution”. Just by looking at the movie poster, I already knew it’s a crap and far from the original dragonball everyone liked(after all, it’s not Akira Toriyama’s work so it’s no mystery why it sucks) and I will never waste my time watching it(The goku there looks like an idiot who applied hair wax to look cool(which he doesn’t)).

But good news to those who preferred the original dragonball! In celebration of the 20th anniversary of dragonball, Toei edited the original DBZ series and HD remastered it, this time under the name “DragonBall Kai”.

It has a new opening theme and the song is really perfect for dragonball(There is also a new ending theme).

The new opening song “Dragon Soul”

The new dragon ball kai will have lesser episodes from the original because fillers will be removed making it more accurate to the manga. So forget the crappy live action film and see the improved remake dragonball kai.

referrence: dbkai.net


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