Dragon Ball Kai

As a kid, I remember dragonball as my first favorite anime, I grew up watching it and so far I have watched the whole series from dragonball to dragonball GT plus some special episodes/movies.

I know most dragonball anime fans were really, really disappointed with the recent release of the movie “dragonball evolution”. Just by looking at the movie poster, I already knew it’s a crap and far from the original dragonball everyone liked(after all, it’s not Akira Toriyama’s work so it’s no mystery why it sucks) and I will never waste my time watching it(The goku there looks like an idiot who applied hair wax to look cool(which he doesn’t)).

But good news to those who preferred the original dragonball! In celebration of the 20th anniversary of dragonball, Toei edited the original DBZ series and HD remastered it, this time under the name “DragonBall Kai”.

It has a new opening theme and the song is really perfect for dragonball(There is also a new ending theme).

The new opening song “Dragon Soul”

The new dragon ball kai will have lesser episodes from the original because fillers will be removed making it more accurate to the manga. So forget the crappy live action film and see the improved remake dragonball kai.

referrence: dbkai.net


Remembering SDF Macross

More than 10 years ago(When I was in grade 5-6), I watched the fake version of Macross called “Robotech” because it was aired in our country’s local TV during that time, and I was impressed because of the genius design of the transforming Variable Fighters called “Valkyrie”, my anime knowledge were really nothing since I had no internet access and I only rely on watching TV before. But I already collect gundam model kits at that time so when I saw a Macross model kit and realized that it’s similar to the mechas in Robotech, I bought one and read the character info printed on the box and manual(although most are in Japanese, there are still some English). To my surprise, the characters are the same but wait! the name of the main protagonist is different, “Hikaru Ichijo” is written instead of the fake name “Rick Hunter” I used to acknowledge as the real name(Misa Hayase is also changed to Lisa Hayes) then a few years later, I was able to confirm that Macross is the genuine and original while Robotech is produced by harmony gold, USA and tatsunoko and used the same Japanese animation but edited to adapt to American audience. Robotech was based from 3 completely different anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada.

Even I am already aware about that, I still haven’t watched the original version because it didn’t went into my mind and because I was busy with other anime and mangas. But mysteriously, I suddenly felt like watching Macross(the 80’s original series that started it all) maybe because 2009 is the start of the story and it’s 2009 already.

macross title


The story started when an empty huge alien spacecraft crash landed on an island(south ataria island) on earth in 1999. The humans were able to fix the spacecraft and then turned it into a human space warship and named it SDF-1 Macross(Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross). It took 10 years to complete the reconstruction of the ship and on 2009 when the Macross was about to take it’s maiden flight, an army of large aliens called Zentradi appeared outside earth’s atmosphere in an attempt to steal the warship that previously belong to their enemy, the supervision army. That time Hikaru Ichijo, an air show pilot was invited by his senpai Roy Focker(which is already a military pilot of the Macross) to go at the Macross maiden flight to test out the new VF-1. Hikaru was caught in the middle of the action when aliens attacked the island and was forced to pilot the new valkryrie but due to his inexperience pilotting the valkyrie, he crashed into Lynn Mynmay’s house and Hikaru protected Mynmay from the alien attack. Because many of the civilians were in danger, captain Global of the Macross decided to use the untested space fold of the Macross(similar to the hyper space jump in starwars) to move the ship into a far place in order to keep the civilians away from the fight. Because the technology is still under development, they ended up teleporting into the farther part of the solar system and the space fold machine disappeared leaving them no choice but to return to earth using ordinary engines that will take long. Also, the whole island was teleported along with the people so they had to rescue them and fortunately, the Macross was large enough to make them fit in and even make a mini city inside. During the space fold attempt, Hikaru and Mynmay was about to leave Macross inside a small jet when they were also caught in the space fold and ended up crash landing inside The Macross’ sealed part where there’s no one around. Hikaru and Mynmay stayed there for days and luckily, they were rescued by the people and they started to live inside the Macross. Hikaru became a fighter pilot while Mynmay won the miss macross pageant and became a singing idol, now Hikaru is on a quest to defend the macross and discover his true feelings.

the macross

The SDF-1 Macross


The VF-1S in battroid mode

The Love Stories

Hikaru and Mynmay started to become friends after living inside the Macross but Hikaru developed romantic feeling for her but was not able to tell her due to Hikaru’s difficulty to express himself and also, Mynmay had a romantic like relationship with her cousin Lynn Kaifun but before the big war against the main Zentradi fleet, Hikaru finally confessed his feelings to Mynmay with Kaifun and accepted the fact that she will never love him. Hikaru’s superior commander Misa Hayase who always scold him became closer than the usual higher and lower rank relationship and Misa developed feelings for Hikaru resulting into a love triangle. In the last few part of the series, Mynmay seperated from Kaifun because of Kaifun’s changing bad behavior and Mynmay decided to quit singing and wanted to live with Hikaru, she temporarily lived in Hikaru’s house and asked Hikaru to quit in the military for them to be normal people like they used to be. Misa seeing how Hikaru and Mynmay’s situation is going, she decided to gave up her love for Hikaru and bid him goodbye for the last time but wanted to tell him her feelings so Misa confessed her feelings to Hikaru with Mynmay similar to how Hikaru did previously leaving Hikaru confused whom to choose.

Misa Hayase bidding farewell to Hikaru

Misa Hayase

Maximilian Jenius, an ace pilot under the command of Hikaru Ichijo met the Zentradi ace pilot Milia Fallyna in an arcade match and instantly fell in love with her but what he doesn’t know is that Millia is looking for him for revenge after defeating her in combat, she de-micronized her body and secretly entered the Macross to spy on the pilot who defeated her, she confirmed the pilot to be Max because of his combat techniques during the arcade match where she was defeated again, Max asked her on a date in the park. The next day, Millia challenged Max in a knife duel and once again, she lost and requested Max to kill her, instead Max told her that he loves her and suddenly Millia also discovered that she loves him too and Max instantly asked her to marry him which she accepted(What a quick move). They had a grand wedding and Milia became Max’s wingmate in combat later when the Macross returned to earth, Millia gave birth to a cute baby girl named Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius.

Maximilian Jenius


Milia Fallyna Jenius


Another lovers are Roy Focker and Claudia Lasalle. During the start of the series, they are already lovers but during episode 33 “Rainy Night” Claudia told Misa their love story that started as a rough relationship until Roy told Claudia how scared he is when pilotting and he is only acting stupid in order to ease his fear and Claudia is the only one he can share his true feelings with. Unfortunately, in episode 18 “Pineapple Salad”  Roy died because he was seriously wounded during combat but he was able to land back to Macross and later died while waiting for Claudia to finish her pineapple salad.

The Ending of the Series

Quamzin attempted to attack the Macross HQ, Hikaru fought against the Zentradi’s final attack along with Max and Millia while Misa is in the bridge of the Macross. Quamzin failed because the Macross fired it’s main cannon although Quamzin’s ship was able to heavily damage the Macross by doing a last suicide attack.




Hikaru finally realized that he loves Misa and decided to be with her while inspiring Mynmay to go on with her singing.

The Last Scene Shown in SDF Macross

last pic

The ending somehow gave me a sad feeling(I usually feel this when watching excellent anime endings) that I feel like crying(but I didn’t LOL! T_T) and also the Mynmay song that was played in the last few seconds added up to the sad feeling with the snowing background and damaged city environment. I was expecting more romantic scenes(not the romantic scene you’re thinking now!) since it looks like there was insufficient time to show us more of Hikaru and Misa together as lovers(most are Hikaru and Mynmay in romantic scenes) but still, I’m satisfied with the ending because Hikaru and Misa ended up together(sorry to be bias, I just like them to be couple).

The SDF Macross is a masterpiece that I will always remember. I liked the story, characters and of course the mechas like the valkyrie that is very cool even now that it makes me want to buy the expensive valkyrie transforming toys(as of now I have no money so maybe later T_T). It is even the first to introduce singing idols that greatly influenced the people(I think Lacus Clyne from gundam seed was inspired by Lynn Mynmay) and Macross was originally aired almost 30 years ago(1982), I wasn’t even alive that time.

To Robotech fans: Sorry for labeling Robotech as fake, that’s how it is for me, but the fact is, Macross is the one and only original. Robotech is just like “Voltron” a modified version of the original Japanese anime “Beast King Go Lion” and “Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV”.