My Review: CASIO EXILIM EX-Z80 Digital Camera

I’ve been wanting digital cameras(point and shoot) lately and I decided to buy a new one since I’ve been using my old digital camera for 2 years now and it’s features are incomplete to satisfy my current standard.

When I was looking for a camera, I have listed some criteria/guidelines in buying my next camera, these are:

  • Should be cheaper or reasonably priced – since I don’t have much budget, it must be from the economy category.
  • Should not be lame or pathetic when it comes to features – I was looking for at least 5 MP and above. Features such as face detection, anti-shake, video recording, optical zoom, good quality images,  fast loading and other similar features.
  • Should have an appealing design – something compact and has metal casing so that it won’t look cheap.

Those guides led me to casio’s exilim EX-z80 camera.

The casio exilim EX-Z80 camera:ex-z80casio2

I bought it last month and spent some time capturing photos with it. The Z80 proved me it’s worth.

The camera can produce a maximum of 8.1 megapixel resolution images, and can be adjusted to a lower resolution, it has face detection that adjusts the focus on the face to make it more visible and also can recognize recorded faces so you can prioritize one person from a group.

The camera is really small


The camera is smaller than common point and shoots and can easily fit in your shirt pocket but has a large 2.6 inches LCD screen for better viewing of images. It has a brushed metal front casing and less buttons at the back for less complicated navigation. It can also record good quality videos, the good part is that this camera sells under 200$.

Image settings such as brightness, contrast and ISO can be manually adjusted but there is also a feature called “BS-Best Shot mode” that has a pre-adjusted settings for different situation like for example the night scene that is suitable for taking pictures at night.

What I like about this camera is that it can capture good quality images faster thanks to it’s powerful exilim engine 2.0 image processor(unlike my old camera that takes about 3-5 seconds to capture one image), It’s video capturing is also great and a feature that you will probably use more often. It can be connected to a computer for file transfer and can also be connected to a television for viewing with friends.

The menu is simple and easy to look around so you won’t get lost. Another plus for this camera is that it uses MMC or SD-MMC for storage which can be easily bought and a lot cheaper than sony’s memory stick for cybershot cameras.



(SD card not included in the package)

The sales package includes the camera, hand strap, USB cables, 1 rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger.

During my vacation, I took some photos with my Z80. You can check out one of the sample image I took, I used scenery, one of the best shot mode available and I adjusted the resolution to 6MP(2816×2112) .



(click for a larger image)


The casio exilim EX-Z80 packs some features commonly found on more expensive cameras which is a good thing about it and is a great buy in it’s price range.

The camera is very easy to operate and can be used without too much complicated settings, definitely a point and shoot camera.

It produces good enough photos. But there is no unique/standout feature in this camera so don’t expect too much. I highly recommend this camera for those who are on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice performance in a point and shoot camera.


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