The Dream Match: Pacquiao-Dela Hoya

The most awaited and most controversial boxing match this year was finally concluded yesterday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya dream match.

Since the official announcement of the match(months ago), many were shocked because they never thought of Manny Pacquiao going up against boxing legend Oscar Dela Hoya. Even I couldn’t believe about Manny’s approval of the fight.

Some boxing analyst believed that Pacquiao will have a hard time fighting Dela Hoya because of the obvious reach and height difference and therefore can only win by decision. Oscar was expected to deliver powerful and lethal punches while Manny is expected to be fast. Some people even call it a “mismatch”(believing Oscar has a huge advantage over Manny).

December 6, 2008(US time, December 7 in the Philippines), the moment of truth has begun for all the spectators/fans around the world . Both fighters entered the ring with confidence, a short time was given to perform the national anthems of the 3 countries(Philippines, Mexico and USA) then the two fighters were introduced and rules were briefly clarified and discussed to the two before finally starting the match.

During the first round, many were once again shocked, it seems like the predicted flow of the match did not turn out the way most people are expecting it to be. Oscar’s punches were only hitting the air due to Manny’s effective dodging that then transforms into a swift and powerful counter punches landing successfully. As the rounds go by, Oscar is throwing fewer punches while Manny became more and more aggressive turning Oscar into a punching bag. After 8 rounds, Oscar obtained serious damages and when round 9 was about to start, they already canceled it due to Oscar’s inability to continue the fight resulting into a technical knockout win for Manny Pacquiao.

Oscar Dela Hoya’s performance really went bad during that match probably because he lowered his weight and also of his age. Definitely an unbelievable match for me to remember.


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