For the past few months, there’s been a rumor spreading around the internet, it’s about the new PSP and many features were being discussed on numerous sites/forums. Finally, sony confirmed the upcoming release of the new PSP 3000 series and it will be released in the US on October 2008.

The new PSP-3000 will still have the original CPU and RAM used in the PSP-2000, minor physical change includes the redesigned home button(now replaced with the PS logo instead of home), select button, start button from half circle to oblong also, the sony logo has been placed on the left part(above the D-pad).

the PSP-3000:

This time, the PSP-3000 will feature a built-in mic for skype online calls or game chatting eliminating the need for using attachable mic, a newly developed LCD that according to sony, has wider color gamut, higher contrast and an anti-reflection technology making it possible for clearer viewing even when outdoors.

based on the given specifications, there won’t be any big impact on the gaming perspective since all the hardware responsible for game performance were retained so I think it’s not a must buy for those who already have the PSP-2000 since it’s a lot cheaper to buy an attachable mic unless you really want the new LCD but for those who haven’t got a PSP yet, better buy this one.


Life Anniversary!

Ooops! I’ve stopped updating again. It’s because of my super demanding work taking up too much of my time so expect a few updates. Enough with that anyway, I just want to greet myself, the wanderer a happy birthday! and just like last year, I still don’t feel like I grew up, It’s just plain aging haha!

I still don’t know if that’s a positive attitude but what’s important is that I’m having fun and doing my best so I guess I’ll stop thinking about it for a while until my next birthday again.