1 Year Worth of Wandering

Hooray! this site has been existing now for 1 year(What’s so special about that?(I just feel happy, don’t question me!(Oh! alright!(LOL!)))). It seems like it was just last month since I started doing this blog and I really enjoyed it. My wanderings for the last year has been covered here, now that it already reached this far, I ‘m gonna keep this updated as much as possible.

I started this blog last July 9, 2007 for the purpose of blogging(Of course moron!!), to develop my writing skills(hopefully, it did) and because some of my friends are also blogging(haha! poor imitation).

For the first year of it’s existence, The Endless Wanderer has produced 35 articles/post and reached more than 4,000 hits(yeah it’s not that much), and I would like to thank the ones(including you!) who spent their time visiting and reading this site, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!!!!

Wandering continues!


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