Turn Back the Pendulum

After I graduated from college, time seems to be moving so much faster for me than it used to be. Before I realized it, it was already more than a year since I left the simple and less worry student life in exchange for the tough and demanding adult life which still sucks for me until now.

Being in the grown up world is really giving me a hard time because everything is the “REAL” thing here. You can’t afford to be reckless in your actions and decisions or else you might suffer the consequences and that’s not yet the worse possibility, some consequence may give you a permanent effect that you can enjoy and relish for the rest of your life. You’re present and future is already at stake here so the weight of responsibility is expected to be heavier.

Pretty scary huh? but worry not, of course there are also good things that you can experience, it just depends on the person whether it will be more enjoyable or more difficult.

As for me, the adaptation process is still ongoing(LOL!), my configurations are still set to high school level.

With those everyday burden, I just can’t help but to remember how I used to live as a student.

During those times, problems are not enough to make me worry, just wake up early, go to school, study a little, make fun of your classmates, flirt with girls and lift their skirts, dismiss then play and hangout with friends. There was time for everything in one day!(I spent more time for FUN related stuffs) and I call that “NIRVANA”, how I wish I can live like that forever ^_^.

I just miss the simple life I used to have.


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