The Xerox Machine

During my first job, there are times when I’m bored and sleepy and that’s unavoidable for working employees. Some remedies for boredom include playing some simple games(in my case the NES emulator), web surfing, chatting(for lucky people) and listening to music. But doing those given items over and over can also cause boredom so when I feel like they’re getting boring to do, I just draw on a scratch paper, but sometimes I’m not in the mood to use pens and pencils so I draw using MS paint which is my preferred method of drawing.

In front of my working table is a xerox machine so just by sitting, I automatically see the machine so one time, I tried to draw it in MS paint using only the pencil tool.

The Xerox Machine(click for a larger image)




Last month, I formally resigned from my job. It was a tough decision for me since I worked there for almost 1 year and it was my first employment so it’s sort of special to me, but my desire to explore became dominant and I followed the wanderer in me.

I had a humble life during my stay there, I learned many important and valuable lessons. My officemates were nice people so I was lucky to once work with them.