Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

If by any chance you don’t know this game, Crisis Core is the prequel to Final Fantasy VII and a game for the PSP console. It was first released last September 13, 2007 for the original Japanese version and March 25, 2008 for the US version.

It took me 1 month to finish the whole game even though others claim to finish the game under a few hours, I explored the game and I also played the extra missions. I really enjoyed playing this game.


This game focuses more about “Zack Fair”, An aspiring young SOLDIER 2nd Class(later promoted to SOLDIER 1st class) with a dream “to become a hero”. He encountered many problems and challenges, met different persons. Angeal, his mentor entrusted him the “Buster Sword” and Zack inherited Angeal’s philosophy, “Embrace your dreams and whatever happens, protect your honor”, the Buster Sword is the symbol of that philosophy. And later in the last part, Zack has passed the Buster Sword to Cloud telling him to live for he will be the evidence that Zack existed then, Zack finally died with a smile.


Some scenes from FFVII were clarified in Crisis Core especially the Nibelheim event where Sephiroth went insane and left SOLDIER, in FFVII, Cloud believes that he is a SOLDIER member during that time but the truth is he was just an ordinary shinra infantry man, Zack was the SOLDIER who he mistakenly remember as himself. Zack and Cloud got knocked down then were taken by hojo for experiment. Zack was able to regain consciousness while Cloud remained in a comatose state because of mako addiction(this explains why Cloud’s memory got ruined) and was only able to awake when Zack is about to die.


The gameplay isn’t really that extra ordinary, the battle starts when the combat mode is activated. You can walk around the whole battle area and can land a critical hit once you sneaked in the enemy’s back, like in FFVII, accessories and materias can be equipped granting the ability to cast elemental spells and buffs. One unique feature introduced in Crisis Core is the “Digital Mind Wave” or DMW, I think it’s a visual representation of Zack’s mind, it’s like a slot machine that keeps on rolling on the upper left part of the screen, it is composed of a 3-combination number and faces that Zack knows. Each successful triple face combination will trigger a different limit break and the numbers will levelup your materia but when the number slot reaches a triple 7 combination, Zack will instantly level up. The DMW works independently and randomly without any influence from the player that’s why most gamers are complaining about not having control over the limit break but the main idea of the DMW is that when Zack remembers someone, he gets emotional and perfrorm a limit break

An example of the DMW: