One Piece Fan Power!

I just recently had a get-together outing with a bunch of friends and I had a great time with them. After the trip, we decided to stay overnight in one of my friend’s house to expand the reunion(LOL!). We stayed up late in the night playing some computer games.

This is my friend:


His house is very spacious compared to mine that’s why I felt like exploring the place. But One particular spot that truly caught my attention is his wide collection of figures displayed inside two large cabinets. Ever since I met him, he was already a die hard fan of the famous anime “One Piece” and I was amazed to see that his collectibles are all characters from One Piece, he really proved how much he loves that anime.

First and Second Cabinet



Most of the items are in complete set because he often buy in sets. Since he is one of my wealthiest friends, he also has some of the really expensive stuffs in a larger scale displayed in his collection cabinet and I was able to get some nice shots of those goodies:


Although he already filled his cabinets with those figures, his collections aren’t really that much compared to other professional collector’s in fact, I myself has more collectibles than him so you must be wondering why I got amazed with his collection? well, yes it’s true that I have more collectible items and consists of different categories, But it took me more than 10 years to pile up all my collections obviously because of financial issues. My friend’s case is different, he bought about 95% of his collections including the two large cabinets under a few months(approximately 5 months or less) and the remaining are gifts from his friends. How nice is that? He sure is rich. He doesn’t even buy in single piece but sets so each purchase is always in thousand Php and for me those numbers are astronomical, maybe after a few months his collection will be more than mine.


3 thoughts on “One Piece Fan Power!

  1. jelsan says:


    You know, I’ve been holding off on buying anime figures only to spend them all on Marvel, DC and other comic book figures. Sheesh.

    I’ve spent two years to collect around 91 action figures, plus around a handful (around 10 or more) of anime figures. In those two years, I can’t even afford fast food. I miss those burgers.

  2. jelsan says:

    Well, if you can call not going out with friends, not watching movies out in the mall, not upgrading my pc, not eating out in fastfood chains, eating the “ten-peso meal” everyday, not buying all my long sought hardware, not buying the basic school supplies, as not being very “big”, sure.

    Those 91 action figures took a 2 years off my life. Not that I’m complainng. The plastic people are really adorable. They sorta act as my girlfriend for now.

    Yes. I know. I’m weird. Don’t point it out. Please.

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