The Heart Day!

Hooray! today is the most awaited event called the Valentines day(I’m not sure about the spelling), it’s the day where love is overflowing everywhere and no one can stop it!(lol!). It’s the right time to buy flowers and gifts.

It’s not just for loving couples so there is no need to feel sad for those losers out there(just kidding!) , there is always someone to love and love you, if it happens that there is no one then you still have yourself to love if still not, then I guess you’re a retard(just kidding again).

Happy Valentines day to everyone! Enjoy and keep it safe(LOL).


Kendo: The Revived Passion

Since the start of the new year, some of my friends are already thinking about losing some weight and to keep their bodies physically fit because working in the office for long hours will really weaken your body and having a weak body can also affect the way your mind works that might result into poor overall performance. Some of them are planning to workout in the gym, some are playing sports and some are doing personal exercises at home.

Well I’m no different, after working in the office for 8 months, I’ve realized that I’m also weakening and I don’t wanna get fat like some people I know because of working. It’s a must for me to counter that humiliating effect.

I don’t wanna go to the gym and lift some weights because I’m too scared to be injured, I just want a normal looking but healthy and strong body as well, I don’t need and want to look like a muscle man.

The kind of exercise that I wanted are martial arts, because they offer more benefits than common means of physical activities like working out and sports. Why did I say so? most physical activities only focuses on physical aspects while martial arts promote not just the physical, it also promotes discipline, responsibility, respect, honor and to strive for personal development plus, you learn how to fight when you think you need it.

Originally when I was in high school, the martial art that I want to practice is the Japanese fencing called “Kendo” or “the way of the sword”(after watching rurouni kenshin that time) but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any kendo schools/clubs in the Philippines so I ended up practicing the korean martial art “Taekwondo” or the “art of kick and punch”(after playing hwoarang in tekken3) and I became a varsity player of our school, during that time, I won a bronze medal once in a national competition.

I have learned to appreciate Taekwondo so I stopped thinking about Kendo and spent my remaining high school time learning it but I’ve only achieved yellow belt and was about to become blue belt when I graduated and stopped from training. Then I finished college and started to work.

One normal day, I remembered kendo while in front of the computer, without thinking, I suddenly searched for Kendo in the Phillipines out of instinct, surprisingly, I found a Kendo dojo in the Philippines with the address not too much far from my place. Without any hesitation, I went to the place to observe and for the first time, I saw what kendo training is all about since Kendo is very rare in the Philippines. The president of the club which is a Japanese approached me as I watch the training and spent some time chatting with me about some introductions to kendo, he speaks english but with a difficult to understand accent so I didn’t asked much questions.

I’ve decided to join and revive my lost interest for Kendo and to have a good physical activity. During the introduction part, we were taught about the basics like Japanese terms and manners, we practiced all the basic forms and proper stances and I had a hard time doing the Japanese sitting position called “seiza” because it’s painful on your knees. After a few weeks, I got my first bamboo sword called the “shinai” and started to practice some basic sword strikes. Right now, I’ve been training for more than a month and I’m really having fun.

This post is about how I got into Kendo and is not a way of promoting Kendo but if you want info about the club where I joined, their official website is construction as of now) but there is an unofficial site which is they also have a thread under the Kendo world forums where you can ask questions at

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Once again, I forgot to update my blogsite so I apologize for my long absence(don’t ask why I apologize, I just feel like it period.) but now I think I’m back, all I need is just a little jump start to warm up and everything will be normal again.

This is my first post for 2008 but it’s already February(that reminds me of valentines day!) and greeting you guys a happy new year is too late but luckily there is what we call Chinese new year and it’s celebrated in February so I can still make up and greet you KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!