Noche Buena

Hooray! christmas is only minutes away when I wrote this article and currently enjoying the traditional Philippine practice before christmas called the “noche buena”. So what’s this noche buena all about aside from a tradition here in the Philippines? uhhm, it’s basically a dinner but not just a dinner, it must be attended by many if not all of the family members so therefore there should be enough food for everyone. But it’s not the food that matters the most in this traditional gathering, it’s the fact that everyone is present to celebrate the incoming christmas. In my case, many of my family members are present and that’s good because we are having a good time together.

A picture of what we are eating during the noche buena(It’s not really important if the food is expensive or not):

Gifts for each member of the family that will be opened when christmas time arrives:
Merry christmas to all!

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