Jose Rizal: The Philippine’s Greatest

Yesterday(December 30) is the Philippines’ national holiday called “Rizal day”. It commemorates the heroic act of Jose Rizal(June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896) who died for the sake of the Filipino people who were abused by the spanish invaders during the spanish colonization period in the Philippines.

Jose Rizal:


Rizal’s full name is “José Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonso y Realonda” born in calamba, laguna in the Philippines. He was known for his peaceful method of revolting against the spanish invaders by writing and other non-violent ways such as founding organizations like the La Liga Filipina.

For me, he is the greatest Filipino that the Philippines has ever produced. In terms of knowledge and expertise, Rizal is proven to excel in many fields like literature, science, medicine, and he even knows some combat skills. He was a doctor, scientist, novelist, philosopher, essayist and a poet.

Facts about Rizal

-Rizal had many love interest from many different countries. His first love interest is his cousin Leonor Rivera and the last is Josephine Bracken whom he had a son but died after being born.

-Rizal did not wanted the Philippines to be independent from the spanish but to make the Philippines a province of spain granting equal rights therefore removing the discrimination and abuse of the native filipinos and to give each race freedom of speech.


Noche Buena

Hooray! christmas is only minutes away when I wrote this article and currently enjoying the traditional Philippine practice before christmas called the “noche buena”. So what’s this noche buena all about aside from a tradition here in the Philippines? uhhm, it’s basically a dinner but not just a dinner, it must be attended by many if not all of the family members so therefore there should be enough food for everyone. But it’s not the food that matters the most in this traditional gathering, it’s the fact that everyone is present to celebrate the incoming christmas. In my case, many of my family members are present and that’s good because we are having a good time together.

A picture of what we are eating during the noche buena(It’s not really important if the food is expensive or not):

Gifts for each member of the family that will be opened when christmas time arrives:
Merry christmas to all!

PSP Firmware?

When I was still planning to buy a PSP, I searched for everything about PSP like comparison reviews between the fat(old PSP) and slim(new PSP), tech specs and prices. One important information I found about the PSP is it’s ability to use the Firmware, a firmware(commonly abbreviated as “FW”) is a software that runs the PSP, it functions the way like an OS does(FW is for PSP and OS is for PC). Many Firmware versions are released from time to time and labeled by numbers(the latest as of now is the FW version 3.73). The PSP firmware features an easy to navigate graphical user interface called “XrossMediaBar”(abbreviated as XMB) which is composed of main icons spread horizontally and sub icons vertically.

an example of the firmware XMB GUI:


There are two types of FW currently available, first is the Official Firmware(abbreviated as “OFW”) and the Custom Firmware(abbreviated as “CFW”).

Official Firmware

OFW is the one that sony officially uses and releases. It has the standard features of the PSP, each update contains security patches that prevents the use of homebrew applications(unofficial applications).

Custom Firmware

CFW is the winning choice in my opinion, CFW is similar to OFW, only better! it is a modified version of the official firmware, developed by team M33, a group of programmers. It allows the use of homebrew applications making it possible to play ISO games extracted from the original UMD format as well as running emulators from many platforms(so far I’ve seen MAME, snes, ATARI, GB/GBA and PSX) and still perform what the OFW can offer. My PSP has the CFW version 3.71 M33-2 and I really enjoy using it.