REAL Ultimate Power–The Official Ninja Book

Ever since I started to learn how to read, I have never finished reading an entire book whether it’s a thin skinny book or a thick one. Even when I study, I only look for the part that I need most and search some from the internet to simplify my research, every time I visit the library, I only read some encyclopedias that contain images and read a few paragraphs. I learn more with conversations and practical/oral instructions rather than seeking it from boring text filled books.

I really don’t enjoy reading books maybe because of my visually imaginative nature, that’s why I excel in drawing using my imagination as medium. For me, bookworms are nerd, physically weak and a bunch of wimps that gets tired easily(not all). When I try to imagine a bookworm, I think of someone quiet, always gets the highest written exam score, with eye glasses, low stamina, prone to asthma, lame and relies more on memorization rather than logical thinking(still not all) and I really avoid those kind of person.

But unexpectedly, I found a book that convinced me to read it from cover to cover and it’s the first one I have completed to read in my entire life, a book that gets me “pumped up”. The title of this amazing book is “REAL Ultimate Power–The Official Ninja Book” by Robert Hamburger, just by knowing the title can already give you an idea of what it’s all about, yeah right! its about ninjas but after that you can no longer guess what it’s all about, pretty confusing huh? well, basically it talks about ninjas but its not really a ninja book in fact, everything you read in this book are nothing but pure lies from what ninjas are but the main point of reading this book is not to learn or to be inspired like what you normally get with reading ordinary books but to just have fun and to tickle your imagination and laugh.

The book:


It took me about a week to finish the book and every page is full of surprises and has severely made me laugh for hours but this book is still not recommended for bookworms who loves to read famous novels like harry potter and anything like that which I have no idea and have no intention to read therefore suggesting that those books aren’t recommended for me either. In other words, it will just waste your time if you are looking for a sensible book, to have an idea of the book, visit, if you find it interesting then you might enjoy reading the book.


3 thoughts on “REAL Ultimate Power–The Official Ninja Book

  1. istaipen says:

    Sorry if I’m not sensitive to my words and have hurt someone’s feelings. I have nothing against bookworms, like what i said, those are just my impressions and not my judgment in fact, I have many friends who are bookworms and I think they are cool……………… but not because of books.

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