Starting today, my artwork that features batman look a like will be now labeled as “BUTTMAN”. The reason why I gave an official name is to prevent any misunderstanding and false identification between the DC version and my character based on it, and also for the sake of those who love and worship batman because I understand that calling my buttman as batman himself is an unforgivable act for them and can cause serious trouble between me and them so this is my solution to keep my cool(only to those who liked it) character alive.

My buttman illustrations have gained many positive reactions from many people(I asked my friend to post it in a game community forum and you can check it!) probably because of the fact that it is really funny and unimaginable and that inspires me to further improve buttman.

I have placed some image links of my latest and coolest Buttman illustrations so be sure to check it out if you want to.

****************WARNING: VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK***********************

The following image links you are about to see might contain foul and disturbing content to batman fans. The images are placed in links to assure that only the willing viewers can witness my illustration.


BUTTMAN Premiere

Special thanks to my college pal Jelsan no “TAKAMIZAWA” for coming up with the name BUTTMAN.


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