A visit to the dead

Last november 1, me and my cousins decided to visit our dearly departed relatives resting in the cemetery to celebrate the annual all souls day which is one of the traditions practiced here in the Philippines. We spent a few minutes to pray for the dead and after that, it became a normal happy picnic, we ate some snacks, flew a kite, talked with each other about death related topics and laughed.

I wandered a bit around the spooky themed place called the cemetery. Fortunately, I was able to bring with me my digital camera so I tried to take some photos that shows a lonely atmosphere rather than scary. I took a lot of pictures but I only wanted to show a few and here are some of them:

me and my cousins(guess where I am!):


some shots of the cemetery:





While walking around, one scene caught my attention. I saw an abandoned tomb that has a small hole maybe because it was broken intentionally or due to lack of maintenance. when I looked into the hole, I saw the rotten wooden coffin, I also took a picture of the hole for you to see, here it is:

rotten coffin


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