REAL Ultimate Power–The Official Ninja Book

Ever since I started to learn how to read, I have never finished reading an entire book whether it’s a thin skinny book or a thick one. Even when I study, I only look for the part that I need most and search some from the internet to simplify my research, every time I visit the library, I only read some encyclopedias that contain images and read a few paragraphs. I learn more with conversations and practical/oral instructions rather than seeking it from boring text filled books.

I really don’t enjoy reading books maybe because of my visually imaginative nature, that’s why I excel in drawing using my imagination as medium. For me, bookworms are nerd, physically weak and a bunch of wimps that gets tired easily(not all). When I try to imagine a bookworm, I think of someone quiet, always gets the highest written exam score, with eye glasses, low stamina, prone to asthma, lame and relies more on memorization rather than logical thinking(still not all) and I really avoid those kind of person.

But unexpectedly, I found a book that convinced me to read it from cover to cover and it’s the first one I have completed to read in my entire life, a book that gets me “pumped up”. The title of this amazing book is “REAL Ultimate Power–The Official Ninja Book” by Robert Hamburger, just by knowing the title can already give you an idea of what it’s all about, yeah right! its about ninjas but after that you can no longer guess what it’s all about, pretty confusing huh? well, basically it talks about ninjas but its not really a ninja book in fact, everything you read in this book are nothing but pure lies from what ninjas are but the main point of reading this book is not to learn or to be inspired like what you normally get with reading ordinary books but to just have fun and to tickle your imagination and laugh.

The book:


It took me about a week to finish the book and every page is full of surprises and has severely made me laugh for hours but this book is still not recommended for bookworms who loves to read famous novels like harry potter and anything like that which I have no idea and have no intention to read therefore suggesting that those books aren’t recommended for me either. In other words, it will just waste your time if you are looking for a sensible book, to have an idea of the book, visit, if you find it interesting then you might enjoy reading the book.



Starting today, my artwork that features batman look a like will be now labeled as “BUTTMAN”. The reason why I gave an official name is to prevent any misunderstanding and false identification between the DC version and my character based on it, and also for the sake of those who love and worship batman because I understand that calling my buttman as batman himself is an unforgivable act for them and can cause serious trouble between me and them so this is my solution to keep my cool(only to those who liked it) character alive.

My buttman illustrations have gained many positive reactions from many people(I asked my friend to post it in a game community forum and you can check it!) probably because of the fact that it is really funny and unimaginable and that inspires me to further improve buttman.

I have placed some image links of my latest and coolest Buttman illustrations so be sure to check it out if you want to.

****************WARNING: VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK***********************

The following image links you are about to see might contain foul and disturbing content to batman fans. The images are placed in links to assure that only the willing viewers can witness my illustration.


BUTTMAN Premiere

Special thanks to my college pal Jelsan no “TAKAMIZAWA” for coming up with the name BUTTMAN.

PSP Slim and Lite Review

Last week during the Halloween break, I bought a brand new sony PSP which I’ve been dreaming to get and it’s the latest PSP version, the new PSP slim and lite, it was recently released last September 2007. I got very excited the moment I had it so I decided to post it after a week to give a better and more accurate review. During the week, I analyzed the PSP and found out the following:

Improvements from the old PSP

Of course there will be some changes and improvements to the slim PSP, some major improvements include the reduction of the weight and measurements of the unit(33% lighter and 19% thinner), the RAM was doubled from 32MB to 64MB for better and faster loading times, removal of the infra-red port, redesigned UMD tray, relocation of the Wi-Fi switch and the battery size and capacity was reduced because of the more efficient power usage. Some new features are also introduced like the TV output that makes it possible to view your PSP on TV and the USB charging.

Graphics and Display

Wow! When I first laid my eyes on the different playable games like tekken5: dark resurrection and the cell shaded Bleach: Heat the Soul4, I was blown away, It’s amazing to see a handheld game console produce such high quality graphics that can match that of a PS2. The PSP sports a whopping 4.3 inches wide TFT LCD screen, the largest I have ever seen delivering the best possible portable graphics leaving the other competitors in the dust.

Game Library

As of now, there are already more than a hundred games available for the PSP from different game genres like RPG, Versus, Adventure, etc. And it’s still increasing due to the rising popularity of the PSP. The PSP has a strong support from third party game developers. Many famous game titles are available for the PSP like Final Fantasy series, CastleVania: Dracula X, Tekken5: Dark Resurrection, Metal Gear and many more.

Additional Features

If you think that the PSP can only handle games, you are wrong!! The unit is also a multimedia player. It supports MP3/ATRAC3/WAV/WMA audio formats and supports MPEG-4 and UMD video playback. It also has the ability to connect to the internet with the infrastructure mode via Wi-Fi making it possible to browse the web and even play online with PSP users around the globe, you can also connect with a nearby PSP without an internet connection using the Ad-Hoc mode. Taking pictures is also possible with the PSP by purchasing an attachable camera.


In terms of the quality of the sound, I can say that it is of top quality whether you are listening to game sound/music effects or listening to audio and videos. The only problem is that the volume from the built-in speakers are not that loud but can be fixed by purchasing a speaker designed for the PSP or by using the earphone.

Pros and Cons
-Excellent Graphics
-Very Portable
-Large Game Library
-Great Shiny finish(the slim is coated with a shiny finish on the front and back)
-Wireless and online capabilities
-Can be used as a media player

-Expensive(Does not apply to all)
-Sound volume(although can be fixed)
-Finger print and smudge magnet(especially the piano black unit)

Who Should Buy This?

Even with all those wonderful features and advanced technology, the PSP is still not a must buy for everyone, the PSP is recommended for console real gamers that prioritize gameplay, graphics and portability. Those who only like a specific game type are not recommended to buy this like for example my friend who only loves to play MMORPG(massively multiplayer online role playing game) even with lower gameplay quality and relies more on level rather than real gaming skill, he still wants it because MMORPG focuses more on interaction with players(maybe he has a lonely past).

My PSP Slim and Lite

Originally, I wanted to get the ceramic white color for my PSP but I suddenly realized that what I really wanted was the piano black color because it is the distinguishing color that the playstation uses today(PS2 and PS3) and thought myself that it will not be a 100% playstation if it is not a black one, here are some shots of my piano black PSP:

with box




A visit to the dead

Last november 1, me and my cousins decided to visit our dearly departed relatives resting in the cemetery to celebrate the annual all souls day which is one of the traditions practiced here in the Philippines. We spent a few minutes to pray for the dead and after that, it became a normal happy picnic, we ate some snacks, flew a kite, talked with each other about death related topics and laughed.

I wandered a bit around the spooky themed place called the cemetery. Fortunately, I was able to bring with me my digital camera so I tried to take some photos that shows a lonely atmosphere rather than scary. I took a lot of pictures but I only wanted to show a few and here are some of them:

me and my cousins(guess where I am!):


some shots of the cemetery:





While walking around, one scene caught my attention. I saw an abandoned tomb that has a small hole maybe because it was broken intentionally or due to lack of maintenance. when I looked into the hole, I saw the rotten wooden coffin, I also took a picture of the hole for you to see, here it is:

rotten coffin