Confined from Pleasure

It’s been a while again since I last posted here, I almost forgot that I have a blog to keep updated. Well, the reason why I forgot to write is probably because of the many things that keeps on bothering my mind, as you can see during the past few weeks I’ve been acting a bit weird and now I have finally figured out why is this happening to me.

The reason for all of this uneasiness is the fact that I’m starving myself from my wants.  I have enforced a limitation to my own luxury and maintained a humble lifestyle as if I’m a samurai or monk. But that idea of mine has made me crave even more for earthly goods.

Since the holiday is fast approaching, I am planning to end my self discipline and go all out to make up for my long suffering.


Mind Somewhere

Whoah! it’s been a while since I last posted again, it’s not because I’m too busy and can’t handle my work or balance my time, it’s because I’ve been having a bad memory combined with my laziness. Just this morning something stupid happened to me, believe it or not I went here in the office without my money. I was only able to bring money for transportation expenses which is about 40 pesos, I don’t know why I forgot to bring my money and all I can say is I left it home.

I still feel fortunate though because one of my office mate lend me some money enough for the whole day and besides, leaving my money home is better than losing it outside so I’m still happy and hope that I won’t forget anything stupid like this.