Batman Returns!

Unexpectedly, my previous and first ArtWorx article entitled “Awesome Batman Illustrations” got warmly welcomed and praised by some of my friends due to its authentic and distinctive design not to mention the expressive emotion shown in each illustration. Fortunately, no one got disappointed probably because of the exaggerated warnings and precautions I wrote to prevent any potential batman loyalist and fanatics from viewing.

Because most people liked it, I created another awesome batman illustrations featuring his darkness, batman in an unbelievable situation no one ever imagined and thanks to me, it is now into reality through my ArtWorx.

Because I’m still a lazy kid, I was only able to make 3 illustrations. All images are done using only MS paint and photoshop was only used to put my label.

****************WARNING: VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK***********************

The following image links you are about to see might contain foul and disturbing content to batman fans. The images are placed in links to assure that only the willing viewers can witness my illustration.


amazing batman


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