Naruto’s Identity Finally Revealed!!!

I’ve stopped reading the Naruto manga for some months now and I’ve decided to stop reading because of the release of the naruto shipuuden anime. I think watching the anime is better because obviously, it is animated and more alive. Unfortunately, because of the slow release with some delays of the series, I grew impatient but I was still not convinced to peek again in the manga so I was able to hold my curiosity until I read a thread from a forum saying that Naruto’s controversial parent information is finally revealed in chapter 367. Finally I got tempted to look at the manga again but I didn’t jump to that chapter, I continued to read from the chapter where I stopped.

********************WARNING: Spoilers Ahead*********************

Like what Naruto fans around the world thought, there is a mysterious relation between Uzumaki Naruto and the deceased 4th hokage whether yondaime is Naruto or Naruto is the son of yondaime. It has been one of the greatest issue debated by many fans. Now, Masashi Kishimoto has finally revealed the link between the two in chapter 367 of the manga.

Naruto is not yondaime!! He is actually the son of yondaime. Also, yondaime’s real name is Namikaze Minato. Naruto’s mother is a former whirlpool country kunoichi named, Uzumaki Kushina. There is no image of Kushina because it was just revealed by Jiraiya and Tsunade’s conversation but according to jiraiya, she has a red hair and a tomboyish behavior, then Tsunade said she grew up to be a beautiful ninja suggesting that Kushina is closely related to konoha(kinda like Shikamaru and Temari). Tsunade also said that Kushina’s personality and ninjutsu style is pretty much more like Naruto’s although he looks more like his father yondaime. The reason why Naruto’s last name is Uzumaki which is from her mother is not explained but my theory is that Minato and Kushina are not married maybe because marrying from another country is prohibited and illegal but once again, just my theory.


5 thoughts on “Naruto’s Identity Finally Revealed!!!

  1. Xanthus says:

    well im pretty sure that narutos last name isnt namikaze because the 4th wanted narutos identity to be kept secret. We dont really know what narutos last name was before the kyuubi was sealed in him, as far as we know he was given the name naruto from jariyas book. But never in the manga did minato or kushina ever say narutos full name out. It could have been Naruto Namikaze for all we know.For now , from what we know about the 4th and Kushina there can only be 2 theories as to why naruto has the last name of uzumaki.

    Firstly the 4th and Kushinas relationship was a secret , of which only a hand full of people very close to the 4th knew.As we know , the 4th sealed the kyuubi in naruto and requested of the 3rd(sarutobi) that naruto was viewed as a hero and not as a monster in whome the beast was.But since the 3rd had not kept this promise and made sure that no one was to breath a word about naruto to anyone, we can guess that the 3rd actually decided to make narutos last name uzumaki to make sure that no one would know whome he actually was.

    Secondly from what we know Kushina Uzumaki was a real tomboy, so it could just have been her over ruling minato and saying that there was no way he was gonna be a namikaze and he was gonna be Naruto Uzumaki.And after all the 4th was a very gentle and kind hearted person , so he would have just obliged to his love .

  2. UzamakiGirl says:

    the third hokage made it so that naruto’s last name was uzamki instead of namikaze cas he didn’t want naruto’s true identity to be known. it says so in one of the manga’s but i can’t remember which one sorry…

  3. sasukeruler505 says:

    xanthus give it a rest!!!!!! for all we no it was probably a name that they would reveial at the end of the sieres. ALso no one actuly said his last name???!!!! Must be really confusing.

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