Batman Returns!

Unexpectedly, my previous and first ArtWorx article entitled “Awesome Batman Illustrations” got warmly welcomed and praised by some of my friends due to its authentic and distinctive design not to mention the expressive emotion shown in each illustration. Fortunately, no one got disappointed probably because of the exaggerated warnings and precautions I wrote to prevent any potential batman loyalist and fanatics from viewing.

Because most people liked it, I created another awesome batman illustrations featuring his darkness, batman in an unbelievable situation no one ever imagined and thanks to me, it is now into reality through my ArtWorx.

Because I’m still a lazy kid, I was only able to make 3 illustrations. All images are done using only MS paint and photoshop was only used to put my label.

****************WARNING: VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK***********************

The following image links you are about to see might contain foul and disturbing content to batman fans. The images are placed in links to assure that only the willing viewers can witness my illustration.


amazing batman


Naruto’s Identity Finally Revealed!!!

I’ve stopped reading the Naruto manga for some months now and I’ve decided to stop reading because of the release of the naruto shipuuden anime. I think watching the anime is better because obviously, it is animated and more alive. Unfortunately, because of the slow release with some delays of the series, I grew impatient but I was still not convinced to peek again in the manga so I was able to hold my curiosity until I read a thread from a forum saying that Naruto’s controversial parent information is finally revealed in chapter 367. Finally I got tempted to look at the manga again but I didn’t jump to that chapter, I continued to read from the chapter where I stopped.

********************WARNING: Spoilers Ahead*********************

Like what Naruto fans around the world thought, there is a mysterious relation between Uzumaki Naruto and the deceased 4th hokage whether yondaime is Naruto or Naruto is the son of yondaime. It has been one of the greatest issue debated by many fans. Now, Masashi Kishimoto has finally revealed the link between the two in chapter 367 of the manga.

Naruto is not yondaime!! He is actually the son of yondaime. Also, yondaime’s real name is Namikaze Minato. Naruto’s mother is a former whirlpool country kunoichi named, Uzumaki Kushina. There is no image of Kushina because it was just revealed by Jiraiya and Tsunade’s conversation but according to jiraiya, she has a red hair and a tomboyish behavior, then Tsunade said she grew up to be a beautiful ninja suggesting that Kushina is closely related to konoha(kinda like Shikamaru and Temari). Tsunade also said that Kushina’s personality and ninjutsu style is pretty much more like Naruto’s although he looks more like his father yondaime. The reason why Naruto’s last name is Uzumaki which is from her mother is not explained but my theory is that Minato and Kushina are not married maybe because marrying from another country is prohibited and illegal but once again, just my theory.

Back to Gaming

It’s been a while since I last played a computer game seriously for hours. During my high school years up to college, I’ve been a gamer and I’ve played many, many games from all platforms(console, PC, arcade) and genres(versus, first person, MMORPG, RTS, RPG, sports, etc). My gaming skills were greatly sharpened during those glorious days of my gaming adventure.

But as time goes by, my gaming habits slowly reduced because of my studies getting difficult each year and after getting my first job, my gaming skills obviously deteriorated. Because of the limited time available for my leisure activities, I can no longer play complicated games that consumes time like RPG’s/MMORPG’s that’s why I only play simple games like versus.

After playing them over and over, It became boring for me but luckily, I found out a better way to play my favorite simple but awesome game called DOTA, a challenging and addictive game I previously enjoyed playing during college, with my new broadband connection, I can now play and compete online.

DOTA or “defence of the ancient” is a map made for warcraft III frozen throne, it’s a game where you can compete against your fellow players. The rules are simple, it’s similar to the classic board game chess where there is white and black that represents your side and the opposing side and in order to win, you must knock down the king, in DOTA, there is the “sentinel” and “scourge” and the main tower similar to the king that must be destroyed in order to win. But it gets even better because there are lots of heroes to choose from with many unique and powerful skills that can be used for your advantage. The best part for me is that the game only takes a few hours to finish, no more months of leveling up and time consuming quests, just raw battle! destroy anyone that stands in your way towards victory! it’s thats simple.