Awesome Batman Illustrations

Today is another non-working holiday so it’s another chance to relax and rejuvenate myself from the busy working environment.

All I did was just plain sitting and eating like a lazy kid, I watched anime after anime so I did an anime watching marathon. After those lazy activities, I remembered my usual recreational activities during college and that is drawing. Back in college, I used to draw lots of anime but sometimes, I draw some of my non-anime favorites like “BATMAN”. My batman drawings are not just an average batman illustration which you might see in other batman resources like comics, cartoons and the likes.

My batman drawing techniques are far from your imagination. By looking at some of my sketches, you might even think that I’m a batman hater but I’m not, in fact batman is one of my childhood favorite because he has many cool vehicles and gadgets. I only made two illustrations but expect more to come later, all images are drawn using only MS Paint, no further enhancements were done.


The following image links might contain explicit content for batman fans, viewing is absolutely not recommended for batman fanatics and anyone similar to that:



comments and violent reactions are welcome, but please don’t hold any grudge against me, peace!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Batman Illustrations

  1. jelsan says:

    OH MY GOD.
    So you finally posted your world-famous “buttman” pictures.

    I can imagine a mob of batman fans wielding torches and pitchforks while running after you. 🙂

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