Last Exile: Grand Stream Box

A few days ago I bought two new blind box figures of the famous anime, “Last Exile”. Unfortunately, those were the last two items available in the store(too bad, I wanted to complete the set). Being aware of that fact, I didn’t hesitate to buy the last two since I’m planning to buy it anyway.

The box shows an excellent Last Exile art illustration by Range Murata, one of the character designer of the anime(Mahiro Maeda being the other), so I carefully opened the box. To my surprise, the figure is overwhelmingly detailed that it has greatly surpassed my expectation, everything is well made including the paint works, The only disadvantage I could say is that it is not full body(although it’s not much of a problem to me).

The box featuring an illustration of Range Murata:
Grand Stream Box

The figure that I got is the vanship pilot, Claus Valca and Tatiana Wisla. Both features highly detailed paint works and sculpture design that makes it worth buying, Here are the shots(the figure looks better in personal):

Claus Valca:


Tatiana Wisla:


2 thoughts on “Last Exile: Grand Stream Box

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