Gashapon: Naruto Shipuuden Series

I bought a new fig, it’s called gashapon(refers to capsule toy), it is bought from gashapon machines(a coin operated vending machine). What makes it different from buying directly is that it gives you the thrill and suspense especially for collectors because the items are randomly picked. The first one isn’t much of a worry but as you take another, the chances of getting the same item increases , a good way to test your luck!

The Gashapon Machine:
Gashapon Machine

As for my fig, I got the Haruno Sakura, and Umino Iruka(no photo uploaded) figure from the naruto shipuuden series, too bad I didn’t get Hatake Kakashi which is my favorite character. The figure is made of high quality PVC and is well detailed especially sakura with stone crashing effects. The series is composed of 5 figures(naruto, sakura, kakashi, iruka, rock lee) I’m planning to buy my next fig but I don’t think I can collect the series because I’m too scared to gamble due to the increasing risk of getting the same fig.

some shots of Haruno Sakura:
The Capsule


5 thoughts on “Gashapon: Naruto Shipuuden Series

  1. jelsan says:

    common ngayon sa mga malls yang mga capsule vending machines. Just look for a toystore or hobby shop that sells anime items.

  2. choi says:

    hi if you want i;ll trade you my rock lee and uzumaki naruto for your iruka sya na lang ang kulang ko e,brand new yun nasa plastic at capsule pa.if your interested email mko ha.

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