Music Lover: Am I?

People around me thought that I’m no music lover, because every time we have a conversation about famous music, songs, artists and the likes, I don’t seem to know anything about what they’re damn talking about. They said, “What!? you must be joking, you don’t know this song?”, “Then what do you like?” and “Are you an alien?”. Well, I’m not joking if I said I don’t know that song, I like a different kind of music and it doesn’t include those perverted and demonic western songs you were all craving and talking about!! and if that makes me an alien so be it! after all, I’m always interested in extra ordinary stuffs.

Then what kind of music am I talking about? ahmmm….. It may look funny but I like listening to songs featured in different animes and related to it like games, in short, I kinda like “Jmusic”(jrock, jpop, whatever they call it!). Of course there’s also a reason why I like it. The tune is very nice and unique to the rest and best of all, it contains no non-sense lyrics I mean it’s not like those nigger rap songs that mainly focuses on sex and how to do bad stuffs, a song is supposed to be a poem not porn!( you must be wondering how I knew the lyrics? I only understand a little Japanese but there are translations available of course), I even remember those lyrics more than those english songs.


5 thoughts on “Music Lover: Am I?

  1. jelsan says:

    You like listening to Jmusic because its what defines you best. You don’t need to conform to the standards of others. Just be yourself, and they’ll understand you better.

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