Having a Hard Time

I’ve been working for almost two months now and I gotta admit that not every thing’s going smoothly as I intended to. Every day’s work seems to be getting harder and harder and my skills aren’t improving enough to support the demanding tasks.

I don’t wanna be technical here but to give an idea of what my job is all about, I’ll give a brief explanation. The company that I’m currently working specializes in developing web based applications, we are using “Jakarta Struts” as the framework for our web app and mysql for database. The Struts framework is for developing JavaEE web applications, it uses the MVC(model-view-controller) model. The 3 layers are independent from each other, I mean they have their own function and can be modified without affecting the other.

Quite simple isn’t it? but when the coding time begins, everything seems to be so much complicated for me!(Holy Medaroli! its 100% pure hard coding from start to end). Definitely and absolutely difficult for a novice and first timer like me. But I’m not loosing hope because if I do then I’m history hehehe! good luck to me! ^_^


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