Awesome Batman Illustrations

Today is another non-working holiday so it’s another chance to relax and rejuvenate myself from the busy working environment.

All I did was just plain sitting and eating like a lazy kid, I watched anime after anime so I did an anime watching marathon. After those lazy activities, I remembered my usual recreational activities during college and that is drawing. Back in college, I used to draw lots of anime but sometimes, I draw some of my non-anime favorites like “BATMAN”. My batman drawings are not just an average batman illustration which you might see in other batman resources like comics, cartoons and the likes.

My batman drawing techniques are far from your imagination. By looking at some of my sketches, you might even think that I’m a batman hater but I’m not, in fact batman is one of my childhood favorite because he has many cool vehicles and gadgets. I only made two illustrations but expect more to come later, all images are drawn using only MS Paint, no further enhancements were done.


The following image links might contain explicit content for batman fans, viewing is absolutely not recommended for batman fanatics and anyone similar to that:



comments and violent reactions are welcome, but please don’t hold any grudge against me, peace!


Kuyuki’s 3rd Death Anniversary

Yesterday was the third death anniversary of my beloved pet, Kuyuki which is a duck. My mom bought kuyuki from a side-walk vendor in 1997, during that time, I was just about 10 years old. I took good care of Kuyuki and we had lots of fun playing together. Kuyuki is a friendly duck and loves to play chasing games with me. My dog also loves to play with kuyuki.

Kuyuki died at the age of seven last august 25, 2004, I really felt sad about Kuyuki’s death.


Because I’m not a professional animal breeder, until now, Kuyuki’s gender is still a mystery to me but that’s fine, I just hope that Kuyuki is in heaven right now watching over me.

Last Exile: Grand Stream Box

A few days ago I bought two new blind box figures of the famous anime, “Last Exile”. Unfortunately, those were the last two items available in the store(too bad, I wanted to complete the set). Being aware of that fact, I didn’t hesitate to buy the last two since I’m planning to buy it anyway.

The box shows an excellent Last Exile art illustration by Range Murata, one of the character designer of the anime(Mahiro Maeda being the other), so I carefully opened the box. To my surprise, the figure is overwhelmingly detailed that it has greatly surpassed my expectation, everything is well made including the paint works, The only disadvantage I could say is that it is not full body(although it’s not much of a problem to me).

The box featuring an illustration of Range Murata:
Grand Stream Box

The figure that I got is the vanship pilot, Claus Valca and Tatiana Wisla. Both features highly detailed paint works and sculpture design that makes it worth buying, Here are the shots(the figure looks better in personal):

Claus Valca:


Tatiana Wisla:

Gashapon: Naruto Shipuuden Series

I bought a new fig, it’s called gashapon(refers to capsule toy), it is bought from gashapon machines(a coin operated vending machine). What makes it different from buying directly is that it gives you the thrill and suspense especially for collectors because the items are randomly picked. The first one isn’t much of a worry but as you take another, the chances of getting the same item increases , a good way to test your luck!

The Gashapon Machine:
Gashapon Machine

As for my fig, I got the Haruno Sakura, and Umino Iruka(no photo uploaded) figure from the naruto shipuuden series, too bad I didn’t get Hatake Kakashi which is my favorite character. The figure is made of high quality PVC and is well detailed especially sakura with stone crashing effects. The series is composed of 5 figures(naruto, sakura, kakashi, iruka, rock lee) I’m planning to buy my next fig but I don’t think I can collect the series because I’m too scared to gamble due to the increasing risk of getting the same fig.

some shots of Haruno Sakura:
The Capsule

It gets even better or worse

Today I’m enjoying my 3 day weekend vacation(non-working holiday on monday!) and what better way to spend the day than relaxing. But I’m not feeling that much relaxed, why? because there are never ending pile of work just waiting for my return.

I am now in a team of system developers, we are currently working on a time pressured project and I have an equal amount of work from the rest. The project must be completed in the target time and because of the holiday, I will be working double-time on tuesday to follow the time plan. Right now, I am thinking about the good old days where there are plenty of time to do what you need and what you want. How I wish I can return to those happy times with less worries.

Music Lover: Am I?

People around me thought that I’m no music lover, because every time we have a conversation about famous music, songs, artists and the likes, I don’t seem to know anything about what they’re damn talking about. They said, “What!? you must be joking, you don’t know this song?”, “Then what do you like?” and “Are you an alien?”. Well, I’m not joking if I said I don’t know that song, I like a different kind of music and it doesn’t include those perverted and demonic western songs you were all craving and talking about!! and if that makes me an alien so be it! after all, I’m always interested in extra ordinary stuffs.

Then what kind of music am I talking about? ahmmm….. It may look funny but I like listening to songs featured in different animes and related to it like games, in short, I kinda like “Jmusic”(jrock, jpop, whatever they call it!). Of course there’s also a reason why I like it. The tune is very nice and unique to the rest and best of all, it contains no non-sense lyrics I mean it’s not like those nigger rap songs that mainly focuses on sex and how to do bad stuffs, a song is supposed to be a poem not porn!( you must be wondering how I knew the lyrics? I only understand a little Japanese but there are translations available of course), I even remember those lyrics more than those english songs.

Life Anniversary!

Today is my birthday, I’m sure that my age has increased another year but I’m still not sure if I really grew. It’s true that I’ve learned so many things from life and has improved, a sign of growing up but when it comes to how I feel, nothing seems to be different in fact it has never changed. I can’t explain it well but I think I’m not growing, just aging.

I don’t know if this is a positive attitude or not but what’s important is I’m having fun wandering, lots of it! so I guess I’ll stop thinking about it for now.