Gundam Seed Destiny Figures

Yep! I bought another new addition to my collection, not just one but two mobile units from one of my favorite anime, gundam seed destiny! Don’t get it wrong, they’re absolutely not an assembled model kit, they’re actually a full figure. I have always preferred to buy model kits when it comes to mech because it has more features, fully movable and changeable weapons but because of my busy and demanding work, I would spend my free time relaxing rather than building one although it’s fun to assemble.

The first one is of course the protagonist Kira Yamato’s ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom. The figure portrays the same pose as seen on the opening theme of the anime holding the combined beam rifle.

strike freedom

The second one is the golden ORB-01 Akatsuki piloted by Cagalli Athha and later by Mu Laflaga. The figure is in a dashing like pose attacking with its dual beam saber.



New Collection Series!

I’ve been collecting stuffs for years now, my collection includes gundam and macross model kits, dragonball figures, sentai robots, figures and vehicles, and some random items which is not my primary interest(transformers, marvel/DC figures, etc). But I have never bought or collected any fragile figures/figurines(I don’t know what to call them, I mean those figures that doesn’t have any moving joints/parts, just made for display and is not durable but with accurate and precise detail).

That was the status of my collection until one day. While I was looking at a stack of gundam kits inside a collector’s store, I saw another stack of items. It’s a collection of cute figurines from different anime series, they are placed in attractive small boxes. It instantly caught my attention and took a closer look at them, one of them that captured my interest is the Tsukino Azusagawa figurine series from one of the famous anime “Yakitate Japan”. I felt sorry for Azusagawa because she is very beautiful and kind yet the anime focuses less on her. A figurine series dedicated to Azusagawa has definitely gave the justice she deserves.

With that in mind, I decided to buy one for the first time and see if it is really worth the price. I carefully opened the box and saw the figurine inside a protective wrap, I took it out and was pleased to see the whole. I was not disappointed with the quality, the figurine is accurate to the smallest detail, you can even see her undie when you flip it upside down. Here she is(sorry for the blurry shots):


A New World

Yup! my school’s over but enough with the grief, time to face the new path!! after almost a couple of months job hunting, I have finally caught my job.

I was hired as a junior programmer by a not so famous and not so rich company located in ortigas, Philippines. The salary offer wasn’t that high compared to other company’s but what I’m after right now is to improve my technical skills so that I can have a better and stable foundation in building my career.

now, there are many new challenges waiting for me, hope I can do it!

Farewell school

The happy days of my life as a student has finally ended. It was a period of great adventures, achievements and failures.

Being a student was a great adventure, everyday of my life as a student were all filled with lots of surprises. There were times that I’m bored wandering around the school campus and I spent most of my free time sitting and drawing seriously as well as playing online and LAN games with a bunch of friends.

I have encountered many people with different attitudes and made friends, faced many difficult and easy challenges, experienced success and even failures.

Being a student is definitely an unforgettable part of anyone’s life and should be enjoyed and remembered.


Finally! I have established my blog site which I have been planning to do years ago. The reason why I haven’t done this earlier is because I’m too lazy to make one. But as time goes by, I have realized its value and decided to write one.

I have always valued memories and believes that it should be captured and by coming up with this blog I’ll be able to document my existence.

wandering starts now!